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Workshops for High School Students

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What do you have in your Toolbox?

Everyone of us is at one time or another a StoryTeller. The professional StoryTeller is different from the everyday ordinary StoryTeller in that he has mastered the tools that he carries in his tool box.

If every one is a StoryTeller, does everyone have a tool box. The answer is most definitely. The toolbox is most certain to contain tools such as facial expression, gestures, voice inflection, pantomime and many, many more tools.

Our Master StoryTellers can unlock the student's toolbox and help him/her discover a wealth of communications tools that can make him/her a more effective communicator.

The object is to be able to tell a story or relate an event in such a compelling manner that the audience is compelled to hang on 'till the end of the story.

The end result of this fun and powerful workshop is that even the most timid student is able to express him/her self in a much more expressive and dynamic way. Students also develop greater listening skills and are much more observant to the other more subtle forms of expression.

This is a very energetic workshop with plenty of opportunities for the students to perform.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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