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The Promise

The Civil War

The Promise
a Civil War era poem by:
Calvin G. Sims, Sr.

Though my love for you is such,
           that I would grant your e’re desire;
I cannot grant what you now ask
           Much to my hearts desire.

You ask me for a promise
           A promise I would gladly give;
yet, a promise I dare not make
           nor guarantee I’ll live


But be it God’s grace
           that I return someday,
then promise you this, I will
           before I ride away.

That I will forever and always
           faithfully be your man,
no matter what, I promise
           I will always take this stand.

Until my last breath is drawn,
           'till I am laid to rest,
all living souls shall witness
           that I always did my best.

To leave a name of substance,
           respected and held on high,
a true symbol of character
           from now 'till the day I die.

I promise that I will always
           make you smile with pride,
Though this may be the last time
           I live standing by your side.

And e're the word should reach you
           that I have passed away,
you'll know I kept with honor
           what I promised here today.

That our son will have a roadmap
           drawn by the life I lived.
My example is the greatest
           gift I have to give.

He'll grow strong in his knowing
           he comes from valued stock,
whose chains no longer bind us;
           no master, no whip, no lock.

And when that great day of freedom
           shall ring from every hill,
he will stand tall, as I did
           and justice will bid his will.

But should my soul depart me
           by the bullet or by the knife,
you'll no doubt know I loved you
           with my last full measure of life.

I will come to you thereafter.
           I will ride upon the wind.
I will live in the smiles of children,
           and your broken heart will mend.

And you will know with pride,
           as time will dry your tears.
I live beyond the sunrise
           that gently stills your fears.

This is all I have to give you
           as duty calls me away:
So hide deep in your precious heart
           what I promise here, today.



Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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