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The 5 Book Little Legend Series

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LAWMAN: The Bass Reeves Story
The TRUE story of "The Greatest Lawan Who Ever Lived."
Bass Reeves was born a slave in Texas.  Through his legendary Character & Integrity, he rose to become the Inspiration for "The Legend of The Lone Ranger."

by Calvin G. Sims, Sr.
illustrated by Diane Burkett Tanner

Books that introduce young readers to History as well as Character & Integrity - The Stuff That Heroes Are Made Of

"History is what happens when character collides with circumstance" ... Calvin G. Sims, Sr.

"A Tale of Two Heroes:
America's Abraham Lincoln & Mexico's Benito Juarez"
Both Called "The Great Emanicipator," Though they never met in person, they aided and consulted and became the catalyst for freedom in thier respective nations.
In Both English & Espanol

"Lewis, Clark and the Corp of Discovery"
The courageous expedition through the American Wilderness that allowed our Nation to become a nation that stretches "from sea to shinning sea."


"Johnny Clem: The 9 Year Old Hero of the Civil War"
The Incredible, True Story of the Youngest Soldier in the history of the U.S. Army.
After running away from home to join the army, Johnny Clem, under fire, quickly developed the character which made him a hero in America's Civil War


"The Legend of Cathay Williams: Buffalo Soldier"
Cathay Williams, a former slave, disguised herself as a man and became the "hero" of the Apache Indian Wars.
This exciting story is loosely based on the true story of Cathay Williams/William Cathay and is an inspiration to young girls in that it illustartes how character can overcome prejudice and discrimination based on gender.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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