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Introduction to Daddy's Famous (DF) Recipes

DF Recipes

One of my greatest blessings has been, and is still, cooking.  There is a condition to the joy that cooking gives me.  That condition is that I am cooking to share my "creations" with others.  Indeed, if I am preparing food for my own exclusive consumption, I'd just as soon make a ham sandwich.  But if I have guests, I roll up my sleeves.

Of course, my favorite consumer is my family.  My wife, children, grand children and soon my greats.  That is where the designation "DF" comes from.  My offspring have for years dubbed my preparations "DF" which stands for "Daddy's Famous."

From relatively simple "DF Hot Dogs," to which I add some special features such as "Butter Crusted Buns" to more elaborate dishes such as "DF New England Boston Baked Beans" which is composed of almost 20 ingredients and can take 8 hours or more to prepare - the single most common ingredient in each dish is the Love I add for each who may partake.

Now, I must warn you.  These recipes DO NOT take into consideration the tenants of good health, just the opposite.  These recipes are all about good taste.  If you are a health consious consumer, these recipes may not be for you.  But if GREAT taste and good times are your objectives, I guarantee each and every recipes.  In fact, if these recipes are not a hit, I will give you your money back.

Just joking about the money part.  There is no charge for these recipes.

It is with love that I post each of these DF Recipes.  Please feel free to share them and most of all, ENJOY!!!

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