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Featuring the Literary Works of Calvin G. Sims, Sr.


There has never been a Motivational Book like "Turning TO into FOR"

Now available


"What to Do & How to Do It"
Book 1 and Book 2


While this book was originally conceived as a guide to help "Aged-Out" foster youth integrate into adulthood, it is much, much more than that.

This book can serve as a guide to anyone who may not have been effectively prepared to navigate the endless rules and regulations that adult Americans are challenged to face each and every day.

It can be a welcomed supplement to the education of people migrating to America from other parts of the world. It is a highly recommended gift to young adults as they venture forth to life away from the nest.

I can think of no better gift for young newlyweds.

How is it that certain individuals who are disabled are able to master certain fields of endeavor above and beyond the capabilities of able-bodied individuals.

How is it that a man or woman with limited education can rise through the ranks of a major corporation that employs thousands, many of whom have advanced degrees. Some refer to these people as overachievers, but it's more than that. These people have mastered the character of Relentless Winning.

This book defines Relentless Winning and it lays out how you can develop the character of Relentless Winning in your own life.

How to Write a Book is inspired and dedicated to all of those individuals that I have met along the way who upon learning that I am a writer have said, "I would like to write a book, but I don't know where to even begin."

This book will take you from the beginning of the book creation process, through publishing - whether traditionally or self-publishing - concluding with how to promote and market your book.

It includes information on how to land potentially lucrative speaking engagements. If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, this book is just the guide that will help you navigate the complex and often confusing world of book publishing.

This book can prove to be an invaluable guide for people who fall into one of three scenarios:
1. They wish to repair bad or poor credit.
2. They have good credit but wish to establish great credit.
3. They have little or no credit and want to start off making wise credit decisions.
What if the only thing preventing you from buying a home or a new or newer, more reliable car is your credit? What if your priorities have more to do with more urgent needs? What if your Children need braces or the hot water heater goes out, and God forbid a more serious emergency happens? Would your current credit score allow you to fund an urgent need? What if the only thing between you and sterling credit is your lack of a clear understanding of how to use consumer protection regulations in your favor? That is exactly how this book can help you.

The failure of the Education System in America is too often blamed on the schools, teachers and administrators. In this book, Calvin G. Sims illustrates that the main cause of failure in this system is that we are culturally pre-conditioned to fail.

Calvin points out that emotional imprinting takes place in the earliest stages of development. Self perpetuating conditioning affects the way that adults pursue goals and the way that children learn. Handed down one generation to the next and reinforced by Madison Avenue, we have become a society of under achieving, manic consumers.

Fortunately this book empowers us to recognize this detrimental cultural behavior and offers solutions that will have a powerful impact on learning and achievement.

This book is not just for parents,  "This book is for anyone who has benefited or can benefit from education." In other words, this book is for everyone.

We asked ten African American men (including Calvin G. Sims, Sr.) from a wide range of backgrounds this question: If you had a chance to speak to the young Black men of America, what would you say?
The essays in Brother to Brother are their answers. In this book, you will read the frequently encouraging, sometimes angry, occasionally sad, often challenging, but always thoughtful words of these ten men, including . . .

  • Kenyon Whittington, an abused and abandoned child who not only overcame his own harsh circumstances but now serves as a guide to others;

  • Calvin G. Sims, who with only a 9th grade education became an international computer consultant and served in that capacity for 21 years. He then started a non-profit educational services organization that won him such acclaim that he was nominated for an award given by the President of the United States;

  • Fluke Fluker, a one-time juvenile delinquent, later Marine Corps sergeant, and founder of an organization that turned one failing Los Angeles high school around;

  • Joseph Marshall, Jr., whose success in touching the lives of San Francisco gang members has earned him an Oprah “Use Your Life” award;


Intra-Cellular Glutathione (ICG) is nature's own master anti-oxidant. ICG occurs in all lifeforms on Earth.  It is as common as is carbon.

So essential to life is ICG that the level of ICG in a living creature is an irrefutable indication of the viability of that living creature.

In humans, the level of ICG is at its highest at birth.  Provided that a healthy lifestyle is observed by the individual, this level will remain relatively high throughout adolescence.

Around the age of 40, the level of ICG will naturally start to decline and the decline will continue at a steady pace throughout the life cycle.  This decline in the level of ICG is know as aging.

This book helps the student to understand this vital nutrient and how it is used in the clinical environment.

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