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Fund Raising Idea


Several Schools have found a way to have their cake and eat it too.

Funding & Fund Raising with StoryTeller Programs

Many schools have a simple method to not only Fund their StoryTellers Educational Program, but to raise funds for other programs, projects and materials or equipment.

  • After booking your StoryTeller Program, Simply do what many schools are doing.

  • Send home with each  student an announcement that a StoryTeller is coming to the school to visit their children. Mention that $1.00 or up to $2.00 is requested of each child.

  • Suggestion: Give a discount for siblings (maybe 50%).

  • Be sure to let the parents know that this is a fund-raising project.   Parents would much rather contribute to a programs that provides Educational Enrichment and Character Education, than buy a roll of wrapping paper or a bar of candy.

This unique and simple way to raise funds has TRIPLE VALUE:

   (1) - The StoryTeller Program provides students one of the most innovative programs availble

  (2) - The StoryTeller Program pays for itself

   (3) - The StoryTeller Program generates additional funds for your school's discretionary use

Examples of Potential Revenue:
600 Students @ 1.00 each = $600.00  
600 Students @ 2.00 each = $1,200.00

There is no longer a reason to Delay.  

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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