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Elementary School StoryTelling Program

Elementary/Middle School Programs

There is nothing that is more exciting and more American than the Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans who blazed the trails west.  We bring real western men and women to life in an exciting journey back in time with a sensational twist.  The men and women are all real and they are all Americans.

Their stories are presented in a dramatic format that is as exciting as it is educational and informative.  Children and adults of all ages, genders and races delight in these colorful and visual images.  All presentations are upbeat, positive and deliver a message with the emphasis on Character and Integrity.

Flexible and Adaptable.These Customizable presentations can be formatted to be suitable to anti-drug, anti-violence, anti-bullying, conflict resolution, family development and motivational needs.


Additional Program Menu - For Elementary Schools
We Offer a rich menu of programs that are powerful and unique

Buckaroo Buddies
This program is a combination of a subscription to the Buckaroo Buddies Activities Newsletter as well as a combination of In-School StoryTeller Sessions.

Citizenship Camp
This program consists of discussions and activities that allow participants to gain practical experience in the responsibilities of success.

Classroom/Assembly StoryTelling
Based on the universal fascination the world over has with all things Western, the American Cowboy is the most powerful, most recognized icon of all.

Crafts Programs
An assortment of western crafts fashioned to replicate items from Frontier and Indian Lore.

StoryTeller Workshops asks & answers the question; "What do you have in your Toolbox?" Then this powerful program launches young people on an eternal quest to gather and develop more tools for thier own  "Toolbox."

Black History Month All Year Long
We bring African American Heroes to life before your student's eyes in a format that they will never forget.

A StoryTeller is Born
a 1998 Video by Calvin G. Sims, Sr.

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