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D'Lakota The War Pony

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D'Lakota The War Pony is available as an optional feature for all Pre-School, Elementary, Middle and High School StoryTelling Programs.  Please refer to the pricing information for each respective school classification.  For going on 17 years now, StoryTellers of the American Frontier has delighted students across the nation by adding the presentation of a horse to an already incomparable program.  We are proud of an unblemished safety record and consistent delivery of quality programming which is only enhanced by the presence of a REAL LIVE HORSE.

'Till now, with the recent acquisition of D'Lakota (the "D" is silent), all horses used in StoryTeller Programs were Western horses.  For the first time we are proud and very excited to introduce students to the legendary "War Pony" used by Lakota Sioux Warriors who ruled the plains of the early American West.  The inclusion of D'Lakota in your programming is an exciting option that your students and teachers alike will find unforgetable.


The Origin Of The American Horse

Prior to the exploration of the Americas by Spanish Explorers, most notably Hernado Cortez, there were absolutely no horses in the Western Hemisphere.  From the North Pole to the South Pole, not a single horse existed in the West.

From the historical day that Christopher Columbus initiated exploration of the Americas in 1492, horses were brought by Spanish explorers aboard their ships to the New World.  Starting in 1519, Hernando Cortez made several trips back and forth to what was to become the continental United States.  During his explorations and conquests of many indigenous peoples, the horse played a major role in battles and were spread throughout the countryside.  These Spanish horses became the foundation stock of the American Mustang which quickly spread throughout the nation.

Introduction of "The Sacred Dog"

Indians of the era of Cortez, or the 1500's, had never seen horses and to them the horse and rider team were a godlike being.

Among Indian Nations, it was illegal for some years for an Indian to ride a horse much less own one. However, in time, with the spread of the horse and the Spanish "Ranchos," the Indian did acquire this “Sacred Dog” or “God Dog” for his own. The acquisition of the horse completely changed the Plains Indians’ way of life, transforming them from plodding pedestrians to nomadic hunters and later, great warriors.

Greatest among these Warriors were the Lakota Sioux.

The Lakota Sioux Warrior

Wisdom, fortitude, generosity, bravery…these are the virtues of a Lakota warrior. These are the very characteristics that have made the mystique of the Lakota warrior legendary, even today.

From ruling the plains of the American West to Distinguishing himself in virtually every military engagement of American Expeditionary Forces, The Lakota Warrior maintains a legendary bearing as a force to be reckoned with.


D'Lakota The War Pony

In the tradition of the Lakota Sioux Warrior and his "Sacred Mount," The War Pony, StoryTellers of the American Frontier presents "D'Lakota The War Pony."  D'Lakota can optionally be added to any StoryTelling Program and presented to the sheer delight of your students.  This is just one of the powerful, compelling educational resources brought to you by StoryTellers of the American Frontier.


Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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