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Crafts Programs for Elementary School Students

Elementary/Middle School Programs

  An assortment of western crafts fashioned to replicate items from Frontier and Indian Lore. Craft materials include arrowheads, eagle talons, pony beads, concho's, bones and other items from the frontier.

   Each craft has a positive spirit in the tradition of their lore. The spirit is a positive empowering spirit that teaches life's lessons in the five principals of success and long life.

  •    Self Reliance - a self-esteem message

  •    Harmony - an anti-violence message

  •    Independence - an anti delinquency message

  •    Purity - an anti-drug anti-anger message

       The craft assembly session is fun and exciting. While instructions are given, the story behind each symbol is dramatically revealed. Then, when the crafts is completed, there is a solemn ceremony where the spirits' powers are captured by each student. This empowering symbol is the student's reminder of the components of long life and success.

       The beautiful keepsake that they have the pride in having constructed themselves is a bonus.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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