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So, Now You Are in College - A Freshman Workshop


So, Now you are in College
Powerful Lecture & Workshop Series

   FACT: 80% of college student drop out.
   FACT: 70% of college students who drop-out do so in the First Year
   FACT: Calvin Sims has a program that addresses this problem

So, Now you are in College is a lecture and workshop series based on the nationally acclaimed book "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear.".

Though this program was developed for first year students, students from ALL classifications will benefit from this highly charged and powerful program.


This program empowers students to:

  •    Identify the 10 Top reasons people fail in life and in school

  •     Learn the importance of setting goals & how to do so

  •     Discover 5 Steps that insure that goals are accomplished

  •     Identify & eliminate unproductive habits

  •     Covert negative thoughts into positive action

  •     Cure procrastination

  •     Develop more positive relationships

  •     Manage time & other resources effectively

  •     Control you emotions

  •     Develop self-motivating self-talk

  •     Maintain a high energy level

  •     Find solutions to problems


There are many reasons that people fail in life and in school. This program does not pretend to address all of the reasons. This program examines the 10 most prevalent causes of failure and helps students to develop an attitude that anticipates these difficulties and provides practical solutions to overcome them.

"If one can anticipate problems before they occur, one is much more capable of dealing with and eliminating these agents of defeat.

Fee Schedule:
Lecture: $1,750  
Workshop: $2,300


Internationally acclaimed Lecturer, Author & Master StoryTeller
Calvin G. Sims, Sr.

Calvin Sims empowers young people to Over-Achieve. Armed with only a 9th grade education, Calvin parlayed an affirmative action position into an International Computer Consultancy. He has achieved International experience in 3 different career fields. He is often called "The Over-Achiever," - Over-Achievement is what he teaches.



"Today’s students would have a greater chance of maximizing their potential if they could participate in any of Calvin's programs."
- Veda Johnson, M.D. – Medical Director, Whitefoord Community Program

"Calvin has overcome a lot. He has found a way to teach his amazing resolve to achieve. His ability to inspire and motivate is rare. You can just feel his sincerity. The students know that he does this because he cares. Thats' what makes his programming so powerful. "
- Sheila Johnston, Ph.D., Clark Atlanta School of Education

"Calvin's program is at times both poignant & humorous, but it is always powerful. Emotionally charged it hit the mark at what students and all people need to know to succeed in spite of difficulty."
- Nicole Duffy - Penn State, Harrisburg

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