Classroom/Assembly StoryTelling for Elementary School Students - SAF-14

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Classroom/Assembly StoryTelling for Elementary School Students

Elementary/Middle School Programs

Our most popular program.

Based on the universal fascination the world over has with all things Western, the American Cowboy is the most powerful, most recognized icon of all. The imagery of a bigger than life cowboy who is also a Teacher, who is also a StoryTeller, who's favorite pastime is reading and who may have brought his horse is an image to last a life times.

Bring history to life in your classroom or assembly. Exciting true stories of character and integrity introduces students to everyday, ordinary people who's vision spawned the greatest nation in the history of the world.

A Master StoryTeller dramatically weaves the life of these extraordinary men and women, American heroes all, in a way that is fun and exciting. You can almost hear the wagons roll or feel the campfire's glow.

The StoryTelling sessions are designed to raise the awareness of young people of the kind of people that their ancestor were. This program can also improve student involvement in classroom activities.

These programs have been proven to encourage children to read.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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