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Citizenship Camp for Elementary School Students

Elementary/Middle School Programs

Build a Country; Build a Corporation, Build a Family

These are the three components of an amazing workshop. This program consists of discussions and activities that allow participants to gain practical experience in the responsibilities of success. Unlike most of the youth's experiences, the focus is not on the material privileges of success but on the responsibilities.

Students learn and practice the character and integrity required to function as an American Citizen.

The Build a Country module is based on the premise that the participants along with hundreds of survivors are stranded on a desert island. The group of them has been selected to form a country and create a government of laws. They are to establish agencies to serve and protect the people. The are to elect officers, set up departments, provide jobs and create an economy among other tasks.

The Build a Corporation module narrows the focus from a country to a major corporation. In the second module, youth are dealing with lifestyle and individual choices for the first time as they develop departments and interview candidates to fill vital human resource needs. Students have to make practical decisions based on budgets, demographics, marketing, goals, government regulations and more.

The focus is narrowed further. The lifestyle and individual choice issues are now major decision making factors. The students are given an opportunity to practice Adult life. They have careers to manage in addition to children and a household.

In addition to making decisions concerning the welfare of their family and household. Students must also be involved in their community in order to maintain their standard of life.

This program is the most powerful of all of our academic programs.

There is also a version that is part of our Juvenile Delinquency Prevention & Treatment Program

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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