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Buckaroo Buddies for Elementary School Students

Elementary/Middle School Programs

"A Pen Pal Program Like No Other."

This program is much more than a letter exchange. Of course there is the typical letter exchange, but there is so much more. Master StoryTeller Calvin Sims travels across American bringing his powerful imagery and making friends in schools from Savannah to San Francisco, from Miami to New York. Student Groups who participate in this unique program receive letters and post cards from some of the most exciting locations in our nation.

Students anxiously await each Month's Activity Workbook & Newsletter. This Workbook contains exciting activities that help students to apply their math, history, geography, writing, reading and penmanship skills to practical real life situations. Student activities include exercises and puzzlers that allow them to help the StoryTeller calculate mileage and distance. They actually help him to work out the logistics of his trips. Parents will be amazed when they take family outings at how much useful information their child can contribute.

The students even send the StoryTeller on scavenger hunts to historic sites and tourist locations. They are excited to receive his reports and findings.

Special pages for educators serve as a resource for the teacher/coordinator.

The excitement reaches explosive proportions when the StoryTeller arrives at the school and spends the whole day there telling stories.

There is no more exciting program in schools than Buckaroo Buddies.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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