Black History Month for High School Students - SAF-14

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Black History Month for High School Students

High School Programs

Black History All Year Long
Diversity at its Best - Unique & Powerful

We bring African American Heroes to life before your student's eyes in a format that they will never forget.  They will learn of the struggle, the sacrifice and the adversity that were overcome, and they will come away with a valuable lesson in courage, persistence and honor.

Whether the story of York, the slave who was a critical member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, William Cathy/Cathy Williams the hero of the Apache Indian Wars or Bass Reeves the greatest lawman who ever lived - You won't see these stories on TV or at the movies - But They Are Real!!!

The character and integrity of these amazing people is illustrated. Students are inspired by recognizing that their own character and integrity is the power within themselves that is the legacy left them by their ancestors, the men and women, black and white, Mexican and Native American, who built the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Date Last Modified: 3/14/2020
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